Brewers Association releases cool stats

The Boulder CO-based trade association for the craft beer segment today released its “snapshot” of info for the state of craft brewing in the US for 2014.  (Their full report comes out in March next year.)  There were three interesting numbers that jumped out at me:

– In 2014 (until their numbers ran, which they don’t specify on their press release) 1.5 breweries opened every day.  Amazing.  There are now 3,200 active breweries in the country, and a further 2,000 breweries are in planning (ie. have licenses and planning permission).  There were some 4,000 operating at the peak of pre-prohibition brewing in the 1870s, and the smallest number on record at the nadir of the industrial American brewing age in 1978 was 89.  (Nadir of the diversity of brewing that is.)

– In 2010 the household penetration of craft beer (as defined by the Brewers Association, here) was 29%.  That is, 29% of American households bought craft beer at least once in 2010.  In 2014 household penetration is 38%, a remarkable 9 point jump.  Trust me, this is huge.  It indicates an enormous shift into the mainstream, and is a strong sign of long-term health for the segment.  And it doesn’t include Blue Moon…

– In 2014 32% of craft beer produced was drunk by women.  This is compared to the beer category average of about 40% (it’s a while since I’ve looked at grounded data), but is in strong growth and goes a long way to showing that the stereotypical bearded, plaid-shirted male craft drinker is not alone in his passion.

Further, the BA reported that it looks as if the segment’s growth in 2014 will be c.18% (hard to measure, and these numbers do not include December), which is an acceleration on the 17% growth the BA reported in 2013.

The full press release is here.  Anyway, cheers!

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