The Drinking Classes is about drinks, the drinks industry, and most importantly about the people who make and sell the alcoholic beverages we enjoy.  Whether it’s wine, beer or spirits, craft or established, domestic or imported; this blog will cover anything and everything that comes into its path.  The content is in three categories: the people who work in this business, reviews of some new and/or interesting drinks, and the thoughts and opinions of the people behind this site.

The predominant author is Jon Urch, who has spent eight years working in the beverage alcohol trade in the UK and US on brands such as Baileys, Tanqueray, Pimm’s, Gordon’s Gin, Bell’s Whisky and, for the last four years, Guinness. He is also a Certified Cicerone® and holds the Wine And Spirits Education Trust® Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits.

When Jon moved to America he was confounded by the question, “So are you a beer guy, a wine guy or a spirits guy?”  He’s all three!  And while his focus lately has been on beer, his passion is for the products and the people and places that sell and serve great drinks of all kinds.  If you are a member of the drinking classes, this is a source of information, inspiration and thought-provoking discussion for you.

Jon Urch

Jon Urch

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    Nice one Jon – interesting stuff!

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